First exhibition

First Photo Club "Timok" in Zajecar, named after river that flows through this city in Eastern Serbia, was founded in 1975. Among the founders of the club were: Dragisa Djordjevic, Iva Jovic, Ikica Miladinovic, Rade Randjelovic, Branko Pantic, Ljubisa Bratun, Jova Spasic, Djordje Dinic, Ceda Djordjevic, Dragoljub Nikolic - Kisindzer, Sergije Kalcic. The following ones have joined later and were very prominent members: Miroljub Vidanović - Beli, Milko Stankov and others. A couple of years later, they organized an exhibition named CHILD, with many other clubs participating. After shutting down of the photo club “Timok”, younger people in front of the "Photo Club 202" step in, as its inheritors, with a new way of looking to photography and also continuing with organizing the mentioned exhibition CHILD.

In 2019, it was held 43th exhibition CHILD. This is the only exhibition, on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, which has been organized every year during the period of 43 years and hopefully, it will be organized many more years in the future.

Exhibition CHILD known worldwide

Today, exhibition CHILD has an international character and it is known worldwide with an enviable number of authors who send their photos to participate in the contest for best photos about certain theme.    


Award: FIAP gold medal for photo by: Tetiana Moroziuk from Ukraine - Winters Tale

Parents as photographers

Some will say, that the best photograpers of the children are their parents. A child is a pure beauty and it is the most honest creature of this planet. Unspoiled, gentle and tender. Regardless of where it is located, in what environment or mood, it is always interesting and a great number of artists puts the child at the forefront of their works.

Socializing with children arouses inspiration, fills us with joy and inspiration. Everything is very easy and nice when they smile with their known sincerity exposed on a face, and very painful when you see grief in their eyes. The child shouldn’t be sad, it is the light and the greatest magic of this world. Quickly after birth, the child begins to show its unique temperament. One can be friendly and flexible, the other cautious and shy, the third more lively than the other children. A child is born with a clear personal appearance and way of approaching the world. One of the most important tasks for the parents is to understand their child’s emotions and reactions.

It is important to remember that children do not need parents to be perfect. As famous Spanish artist, Salvador Dali said, “have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”.

When photographing a child, it must be a show of its kind, as a part of their life and time, a part of the child's world that you stole through a lens at a magical moment. The photography doesn't show only children but also adults, behind it, who have responsibility and empathy to secure the children with a healthy childhood.

Parents as photographers, need to preserve their will to play, to observe and with the camera's lens translate it to those, who do not understand the child's world.

Author: Rasa Milojevic

rasa202 administrator