Results circuit "CHILD 2013"

     In town of Sremska Mitrovica, in cafe club "Yucon", for the first time was opened 1st international circuit exhibition "Child 2013". Exhibition was opened by Mr. Dragan Kezmic, who stressed the importance of this kind of exhibition for his own town, Sremska Mitrovica. In front of about 30 fans of photography, representative of photo club "202" Milos Milojevic talked about how this exhibition was a great product of mutual cooperation between two photo clubs- photo club "Sirmium" and photo club "202" from Zajecar. As for the records, this exhibition was held for 37th time in Zajecar, and it`s tradition will be continued.
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     On October 10th was opened exhibition of photography - circuit "Child 2013" in Paracin. Exhibition took place in Gallery of Center for Culture in Paracin. There were about 100 visitors at the opening from Paracin, Belgrade, Nis, Boljevac, Bor, Zajecar and Kragujevac. About tradition of exhibition and its value was talking president of Photo Club "Paracin" - Mr Zoran Purger MF FSS ULUPUDS and Mr Dragan Ilic, artist from Zajecar was talking about meeting of jury and special guests that we had in that time. In gallery were exhibited all awarded and highest rated photographs. There was projection of all accepted works in a hall of gallery.
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     On 5th of October began the week which is globally dedicated to the child. At the beginning of this week, in Zajecar was opened 37th annual art photo exhibition titled "CHILD". In front of about 50 photography fans from Zajecar, Bor, Negotin, Paracin, Loznica, Kragujevac , Banja Luka (BIH) and Skopje ( Macedonia ) addressed the audience in front of the gallery Radul -bey's Konak Mr. Dejan Sotirovic . He stressed that this gallery is one of the famous meeting places of Zajecar`s photographers and that for many years in this gallery was ceremonial opening of the exhibitions.
     In front of the Cultural Center of Zajecar guests were greeted by Ms. Marija Dimitrijevic , who noted that the city of Zajecar and center of culture are behind this great exhibition and how it would be for many years to stay within this framework.
     Speaking on behalf of Photo club "202" from Zajecar, president of the club Mr. Rasa Milojevic spoke about the importance of this exhibition and the contribution of the world exhibition week of the child, and that this exhibition is now extended to a circuit of exhibitions and during the week the exhibitions will be opened in several cities in Serbia.
     Special guest from Macedonia and one of the doyens of the Macedonian photography, Mr. Professor Cvetan Gavrsoki welcomed participants recalled how long is the tradition of this exhibition and that it was once a lot of Macedonians took part in this exhibition . Mr. Gavroski present authors , Dragan Prole and Milorad Kascelan and granted awards they won at this exhibition.
     The exhibition is open until 15th of October 2013.


     In hotel “Tamaris” in Zajecar, 15th of September this year, jury has judged received photos for the contest "CHILD 2013"!
The jury has judged 7447 photos of 503 authors from 67 countries!
     Judging members: Herrn Fernand Braun, HonEFIAP, (Luxembourg), Miroslav Predojevic MFFSS. (Serbian), Dragan Kezmic, FA1FSS, (Serbian), HadziMiodrag Miladinovic MF FSS, AFIAP, ULUPUDS (Serbian), Rasa Milojevic, EFIAP/b, ESFIAP, MFFSS, (Serbian), Cedomir Bijukovic, KMFFSS, (Serbian), Romain Nero, EFIAP /s, HonFIAP, (Luxembourg), Dragan Ilic, painter, (Serbian), Vladimir Ðinic, FA1FSS, (Serbian), M. Yvan PIAZZA, EFIAP, (Luxembourg), Zoran Purger, MFFSS, (Serbian), Borivoje Milovanovic, AFIAP, (Serbian)je pregledao 7447 fotografije od 503 autora iz 67 zemlje. Delegate FSS, Zoran Pavlovic, KMF FSS (Serbia).

AWARDS circuit "CHILD 2013"

Lists of Accepted images "CHILD 2013" / pdf

Gallery of awarded photographs


number FIAP patronage:
     2013/162 37th Exhibition of Photography - Zajecar
     2013/163 1st Exhibition of Photography - Boljevac
     2013/164 1st Exhibition of Photography - Paracin
     2013/165 1st Exhibition of Photography - Sremska Mitrovica