Results and report from oppening ceremonies of "Ecological truth 2013" circuit exhibition

     5th of Jun is the World Environment Day. This is the eighth exhibition held in the Gallery "Radul-bey's Konak", which was too small for countless visitors. Honor to start the opening of the exhibition went to the youngest of our fellow citizens. The pupils of Elementary school Ljuba Nesic from Zajecar held the performance with an emphasis on preservation of our nature. They carried out their performance on the instruments that are themselves made from recycled materials, saying that time and thus can not protect the planet earth.
-    We, the students of the primary school "Ljuba Nesic,"  wanted to participate in the celebration of this important date, the World Environment Day. We have used our creativity, knowledge and we made objects and images from different, but used materials. By the process of recycling we gave a small but significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources and minimize adverse environmental impacts.
               Enjoy the exhibition! Serbian version:
     The guests were welcomed by Mr. Perislav Ducic, director of the Center for Culture Zajecara, which among other things stated the importance of this exhibition in Zajecar in a cultural sense that for eight years has been organized in our city. It was also noted that this point (19 hours) exhibition "Ecological Truth" for the first time opens up in 4 cities and 4 countries.
From the Institute for Public Health "Timok" Zajecar guests were welcomed by the director, Ms. Sladjana Nikolic. She spoke about the importance of the exhibition in terms of health and how much effort included the World Health Organization on nature conservation and public health.
In behalf of the Photo Association of Serbia Mr Miroslav Predojevic, president of the Arts Council of FSS alslo welcomed all gests.
-    Ladies and Gentlemen,
     The organizers of the photo exhibition "Ecological Truth", Cultural Centre Zajecar, Institute of Public Health "Timoc" Zajecar and Photo Club 202 Zajecar, which in its name have today, and not just today the current concept of ecology, privileged me as the President of the Arts Council of the Photo Association of Serbia make a few, modest observations about the works that pay to Zajecar cultural public for inspection.
     Nature as inspiration has always been inevitable in the works of many artists, photographers especially in the period from 1839. to date, but the nature and its pristine beauty in the modern world is in a constant defensive in relation to various forms of pollution.
     On one hand, at the exhibition "Ecological Truth" we have the still untouched beauty, the other alarming examples of uncontrolled human influence on the environment in which they live.
     Knowingly taking advantage of the photos, the works respond in two ways: in one case, build an illusion where they are not visible to effects of post-industrial civilization and global environmental pollution. In the second case, the shocking photographs harsh public opinion raises the issue of environmental pollution, which is the predominant attitude and purpose. Both of them want interest: first beauty refined visual access, and other dramatic message. The first is our hope, lust for life, and others seek the overall responsibility for the destruction and pollution.
     So, when meeting with striking photographic creativity by scattered all over the world, all of us are offered precious moments of relaxation and union with his own thoughts, when we are being inevitably drawn into thinking about the nature, fantasy, colors, intertwining photographic and pictorial language for a moment stray on the wings of spiritual beauty that frees us from our own internal chaos.
     If this does not happen, you will certainly be concerned about the world that we did not get the one-time use, as with most things we use today, but to preserve it for our children.
     Finally, let me say that this exhibition in its eighth edition, with aspects highly valued and respectable created over time: their cultural, educational, urban, ethics, communication, dimension, and certainly well-deserved satisfaction of the organizers for the hard work invested, where is the vision for a better world and us in it the main driving force.   
    Thanks a lot with hope to live in a better world and a cleaner environment. 
The opening of the eighth photo exhibition "Ecological Truth 2013" Nova Gorica / Slovenia
      On the 5th of June, the World Enviroment Day, there was held an opening of the exhibition "Ecological Truth 2013 - Nova Gorica". The main speaker was Nova Gorica Foto Club President Vasja Leban, followed by the representative of city's mayor Mrs.Marinka Saksida. They both expressed their wish for the Exhibition to become traditional since the first one is of such high quality. During the opening young talented musician Žan Fratnik was playing an accordion. The audience was admiring the rewarded photographs and enjoying the evening.
      LP Irena
The opening of the eighth photo exhibition "Ecological Truth 2013" Banjaluka / Bosnia and Herzegovina
       Organized by University Photo Cinema Club opened in Banja Luka Circuit Exhibition of Photography ECOLOGICAL TRUTH 2013 was opened
     In the exhibition hall of the Cultural Center "Banski dvor" in Banja Luka 05th of June 2013. at 19:00 hours "1st International Exhibition of Photography ECOLOGICAL TRUTH 2013 - Banja Luka" was opened. In the presence of numerous photographs and art lovers in general, as well as a large number of media, the exhibition was opened by Banja Luka University Professor. Dr. Peter Gvero. Opening ceremony was attended by a delegation from Israel headed up by Mr. Ami Rudich. Visitors will be able to enjoy the works of world renowned photographic artists till the end of June.
The opening of the eighth photo exhibition "Ecological Truth 2013" Ohrid / Macedonia 
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    On the occasion of June 5th, the International Environment Day, in the famous Ohrid gallery "Kuca na Robevci", the exhibition "Ecological truth 2013" took place.
Attended by large number of visitors, the exhibition was introduced by the President of the Council of the Municipality of Ohrid, Gordana Konjanovska, that on behalf of the local government stated that Ohrid is the best example of centuries long balance between man and nature, with the belief that this approach will continue in future, as the only proper relationship of man with the environment.
The exhibition presented 90 photographs, while in another part of the gallery through video screen the remaining 1187 accepted photos were displayed.
     "Ecological truth 2013" was hosted and co-organized by FC Ohrid and FC Kastron.
The opening of the eighth photo exhibition "Ecological Truth 2013" Sofia / Bulgaria
img 6413
     On 5 June, World Day for the Protection of the Environment, in Sofia in gallery "Industrial 11" was opened section "Sofia" for Bulgaria from the international circuit exhibitions of photography "Ecological Truth" 2013. The all 5 salons (8th to Zaichar - Serbia, and the first for Nova Gorica - Slovenia, Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ohrid - Macedonia and Sofia - Bulgaria), organized by the Cultural Center Zaichar and Photo Club 202 Zaichar, Serbia.
    In the official salutation at the opening, Mr. Yavor Popov - Chairman of APB Yanka Kyurkchieva, emphasized the role of international salons under FIAP patronage for the development of photographic art in the Balkans. For us, as organizers are delighted to present to the Bulgarian professionals, amateurs and connoisseurs this perfect selection of photographs! The exposure is the part of fourth edition of the "Month of Photography" - annual event, affirming as the most important photo format in Bulgaria - in fact many events with ever broader national and international view on photography. Other contribution to the rich fund - a set of medals and awards from FIAP, PSA, PAS, UPI, FSM, FSS, AUFBiH, FZS, SA and from the salon is that Academy of Photography Bulgaria added three gold medals.
Exhibition with a selection of the winners, you can view at latest to June 17.
 Judging in Ohrid / Macedonia
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In the beautiful surroundings of Lake Ohrid 15 jury members from 5 countries: (Dusan Miska, EFIAP, MF FZS (Slovenia), Dragan Prole EFIAP / b, MF AUFBiH (BiH), Boro Rudic, MF FSM, AFIAP (Macedonia), Milorad Kascelan , EFIAP, MF AUFBiH (BiH), Cvetan Gavroski, MFFSM, EFIAP (Macedonia), Yuri Treyman, photographer (Bulgaria), Dusan Docevski, KMF FSM (Macedonia), Yavor Popov, photographer (Bulgaria), Rasa Milojevic, EFIAP / b , EsFIAP, MFFSS (Serbia), Anton Savov, photographer (Bulgaria), Zoran Mojsin, EFIAP (Serbia), Mirko Bijuklic, EFIAP, MF FZS (Slovenia), Boris Godnic, EFIAP, MF FZS (Slovenia), Ozren Bozanovic AFIAP, KMF AUFBiH (BiH), Borislav Milovanovic, AFIAP (Serbia) and Dragan Ilic (Serbia) has been working hard 3 days to assess and reward the best of 4463 beautiful photographs that were submitted by eminent photographers from 61 countries. It was not an easy job but it was enjoying watching and reviewing the best photos from 463 photographers. Choice for the award was particularly difficult because a lot of photos deserved to be rewarded. Congratulations to all the authors who received a prize and to all authors who have accepted photos.
Judging was helped by Diana Jakovljevic, Milos Milojevic (Serbia), Filip Filipovic, Jovan Filipovic (Macedonia) and delegate FSS Dragan Elek (Serbia).

I have the pleasure to inform you that you were granted the FIAP Patronage as follows:
2013/078          8th International Exhibition of Photography – Zajecar (Serbia)
2013/079          1st International Exhibition of Photography – Nova Gorica (Slovenia)
2013/080          1st International Exhibition of Photography – Banja Luka (Bosnia Herzegovina)
2013/081          1st International Exhibition of Photography – Ohrid (Macedonia)
2013/082          1st International Exhibition of Photography – Sofia (Bulgaria)