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On Tuesday, January 29 at the gallery Radul-bey's Konak
in Zajecar the photo exhibition "Tourism 2012 - Zajecar was opened. Fifty hobbyists from Zajecar and surrounding areas enjoyed the photographs. Also present were guests from Aleksinac ( Cultural Center Aleksinac), and Knjazevac (Cultural Center Knjazevac). The guests were welcomed by the curator Mr. Zoran Kostadinovic. The exhibition was opened by Mr. HadziMiodrag Miladinovic.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition " TOURISM 2012 - ZAJECAR "
On Friday, January 18 at the gallery Aleksinac Center for Culture Aleksinac, the First exhibition of photograpy "TOURISM 2012 - Aleksinac" was opened.  In front of fifty hobbyists greeted the hosts of Photo Club Aleksinac and the Cultural Center of Aleksinac, Mr. HadziMiodrag Miladinovic. The exhibition was opened by Rasa Milojevic.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition " TOURISM 2012 - ALEKSINAC "
In Bulgaria, in town of Vidin in the gallery "Nikola Petrov", on the 10. January 2013, the first circuit exhibition "Tourism 2012 - Vidin" has been opened.
All the guests were welcomed from the director of the gallery "Nikola Petrov," Mr. Slavsho Stamenov. Mr. Rasa Milojevic, president of the "Photo club 202" from Zajecar , spoke of the importance of the exhibition. In front of the Cultural centre of Zajecar town, Mr. Perislav Ducic greeted the visitors. He talked about the long-term cooperation between the two border town and that this exhibition only prolong cooperation between the two neighbor towns. In front of the co-organizers of the town of Vidin, guests was greeted from the president of photo club "Vidin" Mr. Bojan Ivanov.
Mrs. Elka Georgieva opened exhibition, chief deputy of the district of Vidin. She stressed the importance of cooperation between the two countries and between two towns, so that in addition to other cultural cooperation and exchanges came the photo exhibition, which she stated, has big and beautiful future.
The exhibition is open at the gallery "Nikola Petrov" until the 20. January 2013.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition " TOURISM 2012 - VIDIN "
Report from the opening of the exhibition journalist, "Radio Vidin" and newspaper "Vidin" Mrs. Vanya Mineva.
Report of the National Association of Photographic Academy Yanka Kyurkchieva
 02     gold psa medal vermaat anne-marie netherlands metrovstractor
Gold PSA medal, Vermaat Anne-Marie, Netherlands, metrovstractor
Report Card was sent to 29 November to all authors by email.
The author who has not received his report card, please report to the e-mail we send back the results.

The jury  composed of:

Bojan Ivanov, a professional photographer (Bulgaria), Dinamir Predov, AFIAP,  (Bulgaria), Valentin Kirov, AFIAP, (Bulgaria), Genco Petkov, AFIAP, (Bulgaria), Zoran Cvetkovic, painter and ceramicist,  ULUPUDS, (Serbia), HadziMiodrag Miladinovic, AFIAP, MF FSS, (Serbia), Professor Radmilo Nikolic, designer (Serbia), Dragoslav Ilic, AFIAP, MF FSS, (Serbia), Borivoje Milovanovic, AFIAP, (Serbia) Zoran Mojsin, EFIAP, (Serbia), Dragan Ilic, painter, (Serbia), Rasa Milojevic, EFIAP/b, EsFIAP, MF FSS, (Serbia) , reviewed and evaluated  over 8,812 photos and awarded the following prizes:


AWARDS circuit "TOURISM 2012"
Lists of received images "TOURISM 2012"
AWARDS circuit "TOURISM 2012"

Lists of Accepted images "TOURISM 2012"
Gallery of awarded photographs

I have the pleasure to inform you that you were granted the FIAP Patronage as follows:
2012/224    Circuit Tourism 2012 -  6th Zajecar
2012/225    Circuit Tourism 2012 -  1st Aleksinac
2012/226    Circuit Tourism 2012 -  1st Knjazevac
2012/227    Circuit Tourism 2012 -  1st Vidin



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