Results circuit "PORTRAIT 2012"

Dear participants and photography lovers!
We have opened the exhibition "PORTRAIT 2012
27th March in galery "Center for culture and art" in Aleksinac we opened the exhibition "PORTRAIT 2012 - Aleksinac"
The exhibition was opened by Mr. Ivan Matejevic. The exhibition is open in the next 10days.
03. April in the Zajecaru in the galery: "Radul begov konak" was opened exhibition"PORTRAIT 2012 - Zajecar"
In front of about fifty fans present in front of the National Museum, curator Mr. Zoran Kostadinovic welcomed all of them.
President of Photo Club 202, Mr. Rasa Milojevic greeted the visitors and explained to them the principle of the exhibition circuit. Once more person who opened the exhibition of these photographs is a journalist, spokekerspon of the daily news "POLITIKA" Mr.Stojan Todorovic, who stressed the importance of such exhibitions in Serbia.
The exhibition is open in the next 10 days.
April 10th 2012 in Gallery of Culture Center in Paracin was opened 1st Circular Exhibition of Photography "Portrait 2012" . About 100 people were present during the opening, they came from Paracin, Zajecar, Bor, Aleksinac, Varvarin.... In front of guests of exhibition were speaking President of Photo club "Paracin" - Mr. Zoran Purger MF FSS, Mr. Vladan Djordjevic - member of photo club "Paracin" and one of organizers of exhibition in Paracin and president of town Paracin - Mr Sasa Paunovic. They wished warm welcome to all present guests. Mr Purger said that it is the first circular exhibition ever organized and showed in Paracin. Mr. Paunovic announced exhibition opened. Photos will be exhibited in Gallery of Culture Center of Paracin next 10 days.

Dear participants of the exhibition circuit "Portrait 2012".
A complete assessment of all topics and all three organizers completed 24, 25and 26 February.
The jury were:
Mrs. Neda Racki, Miljenko Marotti, Antoan Bozhinov, Dinamir Predov, Boro Rudic, Cvetan Gavroski, Milorad Kascelan, Dragan Prole, Zoran Djordjevic. Zoran Purger, Dragoslav Mirkovic, Branislav Brkic, Dragoslav Mirkovic, HadziMiodrag Miladinovic I Dragan Ilic. 
Congratulations to the successful authors and authors who have received awards.
To authors whos photos are not accepted, we want more success in our next exhibitions.
Thank you for your confidence and patience.

I have the pleasure to inform you that I granted you the FIAP Patronage as follows:

2012/046    1st Portrait Circuit - Aleksinac 2012
2012/047    1st Portrait Circuit - Paracin 2012
2012/048    1st Portrait Circuit - Zajecar 2012