Results CHILD 2011

Aproximately 50 photo lovers was welcomed by Mr. Perislav Ducic, Director of Cultural Centre of Zajecar.
He talked about the importance of this exhibition in order for the city and for whole Serbia, because this event is continuous for 35 years. In front of Serbian Photo Association, audience was welcomed by Dragoslav Ilic from Negotin (MFMFSS, AFIAP), who spoke about the important work of Photo Club 202, not only in this region but that Photo Club 202 holds an important place on the world list of photo clubs.
The guests were welcomed by doctor Mr. Rade Kostic ahead of his company SPECIAL HOSPITAL FOR REHABILITATION "GAMZIGRAD" from Gamzigrad resorts and spa. He talked, among other things, about the great cooperation of his company with Photo Club 202, that has lasted for many years. Dr. Rade Kostic has opened an 35th photo exhibition "CHILD 2011"
Judging "CHILD 2011"

Jury consisting of Herbert Gmeiner - AFIAP, EsFIAP (Austria), Anita Gmeiner - (Austria), Milan Zivkovic - MF FSS (Serbia), Gordan Pomorisac - MF FSS, ULUPUDS (Serbia), Geza Lenert - EFIAP, MF FSS (Serbia), on 10th September in the gallery "Serbian railroad" has gave awards for the best participants of exhibition "Child 2011".
A W A R D S  for "ROCK 2011"
A C C E P T E D  for "ROCK 2011"
GALLERY winning photographs
Gallery Photos from the award
Arriving at the exhibition:
Theme: photo authors country
Child: 2679 687 62
Open - color: 2838 715 64
Open - monohrom: 2668 676 61
Sport: 1625 436 56
Total: 9810 742 64
Accepted at the exhibition:
Theme Minimum score photo authors country %
Child: 30 767 389 54 28,63
Open - color: 29 1094 494 55 38,55
Open - monohrom: 29 1064 485 57 39,88
Sport: 31 548 259 46 33,72
Total:   3473 648 62 35,40