Open Bor - 2009

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“BOR 2009“
“Photoclub202”, Zajecar  and  “Photo-video organisation Bor”, Bor

Photographers from all over the world have the right to participate.

                (B)   DIGITAL - WOMAN

To participate in 2nd INTERNATIONAL EXIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHY “BOR 2009“ the authors apply with black & white and color works in digital form at (A) FREE (B) WOMAN. Maximum number of works is four (4) per theme, dimensions 20x30 cm, 300 pixels/inch and JPG format on a CD. The works accompanied by incorrectly filled application forms will not be taken into consideration. The works must be marked by ordinal numbers ordered in the same manner as in the application form. The works selected by the jury will be printed in 20x30 cm format and exhibited at the exhibition at the gallery of the Town Museum in Bor. The printed photographs along with the received CDs will be permanently kept in the archives of the Town Museum in Bor.  All author’s rights are reserved by the author

Participation fee is obligatory for all participants and is 15 euros (25$) for one theme, and 20€ (30$) is for both themes. The fee is to be sent either together with the CD or paid into dinar gyro account 170-4382-60 or into foreign currency account (the instruction for payment can be found at the last page). The fee could also be paid via MONEYBOOKERS (which accepts  VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX, JCB and DINERS credit cards - in that case you can e-mail your works at 20x30cm in 300 pixels/inch and compressed at 7. All the instructions can be found at The works of authors who do not pay participation fee will not be taken into consideration. Each author taking part in the exhibition and paying participation fee will receive the catalogue *****.

The folder of each photograph should include the following data:  Name of the author; name of the photograph in one of the official FIAP languages (or some other identification). The number marking the work in the collection must match the number marking it in the application form

The works will be evaluated by the qualified jury consisting of:
Zoran Purger             MF FSS/ULUPUDS      Serbia                                                                                                                                        
Predrag Mihajlović     MF FSS                       Serbia
Zoran Đorđević         MF FSS                       Serbia
Raša Milojević            KMF FSS/AFIAP          Serbia
Nils Erik Jerlemar       PPSA /EFIAP/g           Sweden     corresponding member of the jury,
Bernd Mai                 MFIAP/EFIAP              Germany    corresponding member of the jury
Cvetan Gavroski       MFFSM/                      Macedonia  corresponding member of the jury                     
The decision of the jury is the final one.
FSS delegate is Nesa Janosevic, Bor.

The jury awards the best evaluated works:
FIAP - gold, silver & bronze medal & 5 commendations  FSS - gold, silver & bronze medal & 5 commendations
PSA - gold, silver & bronze medal & 3 commendations    ISF - gold, silver & bronze medal & 6 commendations

The organizer can use the exhibited works for reproduction in the catalogue and for promotion of the FAIR without any fee. The organizer will carefully handle all selected and printed photographs for the fair and he will archive and keep them together with the received CDs at the archives of the Town Museum in Bor, but he cannot take the responsibility for any damages on CDs having occurred during transportation to organizer.

a.    Reception of works                                   16.02.2009
b.    Selection                                                   01.03.2009 to 05.03.2009
c.    Selection results              
        E-mailing results to all authors                   11.03.2009
d.    Exhibition of the photographs in Bor
       at the Gallery of the Town Museum            25.03.2009 to 05.04.2009
e.    Delivery of the catalogues, awards and
       commendations to the authors                  15.05.2009

The works of authors along with the application should be sent to the following address:
Zoran Mojsin
Albanske spomenice 5/38
19210 Bor
12. CONTACTS:     Tel. ++ 381 19 424 202, ++381 65 24 24 202
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact person: Raša Milojević
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