circuit exhibition BON VOYAGE 2016

Last day to upload the July 20, 2016
Publication of the results of the July 28 
 01 Gold FIAP medal, Cemil Guven, Turkey, Dila 4 02 Gold PSA medal, Alexander Hochhaus, Germany, Faraway03 Gold AAFR medal, Aubrey Siebert, South Africa, Violet 204 Gold ICS medal, Ahmed Alibrahim, Saudi Arabia, Thinking07 Silver SALON medal, Hanju Zhu, China, Blue Dream08 FIAP 1 praise, Morgan O Neill, Ireland, Once Upon A Time08 FIAP praise 1, Barbara Jenkin, United Kingdom, Violin Missy11 FSS 1 praise, Manfred Kluger, Germany, Young Beauty-2 03 Gold AAFR medal, Virgilio Bardossi, Italy, Prayer 09 13 Conc
01 Gold FIAP medal, Ann Mcdonald, United Kingdom, Alley Angel
 03 Gold UPI medal, Werner Baumann, Germany, Pommes De Terre 2
01 Gold FIAP medal, Fangru Wei, China, Harvest
 04 Gold ICS medal, Morgan O Neill, Ireland, Kim
02 Gold PSA medal, Jianjun Huang, China, Smile
 04 Gold ICS medal, Zee Kek Heng, Singapore, Jump With Sand
10 FIAP praise 2, Andrey Snegirev, Russia, Northern Lights  05 Gold SALON medal, Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, Zeeuws Winterlandschap
 12 UPI praise 1, Ursula Bruder, Germany, Lofoten By Night  06 Silver SALON medal, Man-Kui, Wisely Ng, Hong Kong, Happy Ladies

Results from exhibition

Catalogs from the exhibition

PORTRAIT 2016KORICE TOURISM 2015 Page 1CHILD  2015 page 1catalog - front pageekoloska istina 2015 KORICEkorice portrait 2015TOURISM koricekoriceaCHILD 2014 web Page 01korice BON VOYAGE 2014 Page 1koricekorice TURIZAM 2013naslovnacmikkorice katalog rock 2013korice eko 201301 gold fiap medal olga astratova latvia rain hour korice page 1child 2012naslovna stranakorice kataloga rock 2012 page 1portrait 2012 naslov

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